If your wedding is planned for Spring or Summer 2020, you might be wondering, will we need to postpone our wedding date in light of recent events? This is such a complicated and heart wrenching question, and there will be many factors to consider so everyone’s answer will be different. My heart goes out to you all in whatever decision you reach. If you make the hard decision to postpone, I wanted to be able to help you out in some small way…

If you have had your wedding invitations printed with us and your wedding has had to be sadly postponed we are offering free personalised digital “change the date” designs for you to match your invitations. These can be emailed/whats-apped easily to all your guests to let them know your new date/any new information. Just message me and we can come with great free ideas for you.

Or if You haven’t had your invitations designed with us that’s no problem I still want to help! I’ve created some free email- friendly graphics for you to use to notify guests of a postponement. There are available in 6 different styles and can be downloaded below.

So Let’s get excited to celebrate love again.

Sending my love, 

Zara x